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The top 10 ways to save money on your family holiday

Do family holidays always end up costing you far more than you planned? Do you tend to get stung with hidden costs whilst planning your trip or away? Here at Thomas Cook Money, we have compiled some top tips to hopefully save you some money.

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Family outdoor meal at the Sunwing Makrigialos Hotel

  1. Plan ahead
    It’s always best to be organised with your family trips, especially when booking for school holidays. Leaving it until the last minute will reduce your options of where to go, along with adding unnecessary costs.
  2. Try Turkey and get more for your money
    If you haven’t been to Turkey before and feel unsure, why not consider it? The great rates available on the Turkish Lira means holidaymakers can expect their British pounds to go further than previous years.
  3. Top up a prepaid card to lock in good exchange rates
    If you do not already have a prepaid travel card, sign up and top-up to lock in a good exchange rate, saving you worry if rates do fluctuate before your trip.
  4. Book airport parking in advance or take public transport
    Public transport is usually the cheapest way to get to the airport, however in a family or larger group, driving may be your best option. Booking your car parking early can save you lots. If you drive up and pay on the day, be prepared to spend more.
  5. Measure and weigh your luggage
    Some airlines are very strict on baggage allowance. It’s best to be overly organised and measure/weigh your bags at home before travelling to avoid the extra fines at the airport.couple sat on a sunny bench with their suitcase.
  6. Set a budget
    It’s easy to get carried away whilst away with spending, so if you pre-plan a daily budget each day and try to monitor it, it will help you to keep on track. There is nothing worse than getting home to the realisation you have drastically overspent.
  7. Check the detail of your car hire
    With car rentals, it’s important to make sure you don’t just select the cheapest deal, as these are usually the ones with the horrible hidden charges. You should also shop around for the right excess insurance before your travel, if you purchase it at the rental desk then this may cost you considerably more. One of the most important points is to check the car when you are with the car rental company, go around and video the car – this will mean you are fully protecting yourself, and it makes you look on the ball, so they are less likely to try and charge you for previous damage.Yellow Fiat 500 parked in a street in Sicilly.
  8. Avoid travelling at weekends
    Flying on the day the schools break up, or the following day, are usually the most expensive days to travel. Waiting a couple of days and flying in the week can be really worthwhile. If money is more of a focus than the time you have away, then waiting could really save you a lot of money.
  9. Find an alternative airport
    Don’t necessarily always go for your most local airport, it could be worth your time to look at other airports in the UK to find a better deal.young boy and girl looking out of airport window with black luggage.
  10. Look into indirect flights
    You could save up on flights if you are willing to spend slightly longer travelling and not flying direct to your destination. If you’re focusing on saving the pennies this could be a great option.

22 May 2019