UAE Dirham

The UAE dirham is the currency used in the United Arab Emirates and this amazing group of cities are continuing to develop and grow always trying to add new attractions and activities for people going on holiday there.


Ordering United Arab Emirates Dirham Online

There are various ways that you can order and receive your UAE dirham. This currency is available on the Thomas Cook Multi Currency Cash Passport as well as 9 other currencies, for your convenience. The clever alternative to pockets full of cash, traveller cheques or your debit card when you're away.


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Where to Spend your UAE Dirham

The United Arab Emirates is the most popular destination in the Middle East, especially with regards to Dubai and the Abu Dhabi. It is such an oil rich region that the quality and standard of life surpasses the majority of other holiday destinations. It is a tax free destination, but a lot of activities enjoyed by people going on holiday like drinking alcohol in bars and smoking are forbidden in public areas because of the religious beliefs in the area. The United Arab Emirates overcome this problem through hotels, which unlike other holiday destinations are treated as nightclubs and bars as well as accommodation while on your holiday.


Enjoy the Best the United Arab Emirates has to Offer

The UAE dirham exchange rate is strong against the pound, but when you experience the quality and service given in restaurants or general leisurely activities, it seems like a minor factor to worry about on holiday. You get the chance to live in absolute luxury in the hotels and to emphasize the gulf in quality of life in this region compared to other places in the world, the United Arab Emirates boasts the only 7 star hotel in the world.


What to Do in the United Arab Emirates

The excursions during the day are vast and are continuing to develop; such is the way the country is run. There is the opportunity to go on desert safaris, cruises along the coast or simply feel in awe at the sights of the monumental cities. They also have some of the best amusement and water parks in Europe which appeal to the families and people looking for some adrenaline fueled activities. The United Arab Emirates is quickly establishing itself in the sporting calendar, with annual opens and competitions taking place in golf, tennis, football, F1 grand prix and 7s rugby now.


Don't miss out on the United Arab Emirates

The UAE dirhams powerful currency seems to make people question whether it is worth going to the United Arab Emirates, but the luxury and quality experienced is such that it should quickly be the furthest thing on your mind. The UAE is led by an idealist who strives to make this region the most popular place to visit and live in the world. So if you go on holiday now, the chances are that you will be able to get more for your travel money at the moment with the current exchange rate than if you were to leave it in the future, when it is likely that the dirham will become even stronger due to the power of the region.


But That's Not All...

The UAE dirham is not all that we offer. As the foreign exchange experts, we also have a wide range of other currencies, enabling you to visit further flung parts of the world. Here's a selection: