Egyptian Pound

The Egyptian pound is the currency used in Egypt and is currently pretty weak against the British pound. With the current situation of the euro being so strong against the sterling pound, people wishing to go on holiday have been increasingly tempted to go to Egypt as they can get more out of their travel money.


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What to Spend your Egyptian Pounds On

There are a lot of activities you can spend your Egyptian pounds on when on holiday ranging from visiting the historic Pyramids and Sphinx, to the hustling of the street markets or simply relaxing at one of the many impressive all inclusive hotels where all your needs are catered for. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and allows travellers the opportunities to see how the culture and atmosphere of this amazing city varies to what people are used to back home.


Hotspot in Egypt: Alexandria

If the bustling city doesn’t seem like the right holiday destination for you, then there is the opportunity for you to spend your holiday money at the Pyramids of Giza. The sheer size and historic site of these amazing structures leaves many travellers in awe at the spectacle. Another popular destination in Egypt is in the city of Alexandria where you can enjoy the charming culture of Egypt at your pleasure. There are a number of cafes where you can enjoy fine coffee or sheesha which is where the great debates amongst the locals happen on a regular basis.


Hotspot in Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt has some wonderful hotels where all your needs are taken care of and people are getting even more for their travel money while on holiday. Sharm El Sheikh is the most popular destination for people looking to stay at the best hotels in Egypt, but If you are seeking to explore the country of Egypt outside their popular cities, then a guided tour into the desert or a cruise down the Nile are alternative options. The tours into the desert are impressive and interesting, but the cruise down the Nile epitomizes luxury and class and is why so many tourists choose to spend their holiday money on such excursions.


Enjoy the Best Egypt has on Offer


The Egyptian food available on holiday is dependant on where you go and how adventurous you feel. The bars and restaurants in or near the hotel will offer you British food, however if you decide to go outside the tourist areas, then Egyptian food is predominantly Arabic. The food is impressive in flavour and will ensure that you get a genuine taste for what Egypt has to offer and will ensure your holiday money is well spent with the quality received for the cheapest price due to the currently weak exchange rate.

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