Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is the currency for Australia and Pacific islands off the coast. The exchange rate of the pound against the Australian dollar is very strong which makes your holiday money go even further than it would if you decided to spend your holiday in Britain. The opportunities in Australia are endless and there are activities going on in the parks and beaches everyday and as the convenience for getting to these activities is so easy and cheap due to the beneficial exchange rate, Australia seems like the ideal destination for people seeking active holidays in the future.


Ordering Australian Dollars Online

There are various ways that you can order and receive your Australian dollars. This currency is available on the Thomas Cook Multi Currency Cash Passport as well as 9 other currencies, for your convenience. The clever alternative to pockets full of cash, traveller cheques or your debit card when you're away.


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Enjoy the Best of Australia

There is an abundance of history and culture in Australia and all travellers should attempt to try and experience all of these amazing sites the country has to offer. The strength of the pound makes your travel money go further when travelling through this vast country and will make the money spent on the trip seem incomprehensible with regards to the quality of life you will experience on your holiday. The cities most people will fly into from Britain is usually either Cairns or Sydney, where they will make their way along the coast in either direction to see the wonderful scenic views and experience the varying cultures of Australia.


Australian Hotspots: Sydney and Brisbane

Sydney is the most popular destination and with the amazing buildings and infrastructure of the city with the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, tourists continue to flood to this city every year. It is the biggest city in the country and has the best nightlife making it favourite destination for party goers. North of Sydney is Brisbane, home to the Great Barrier Reef which is an ideal opportunity for anyone on holiday to go and enjoy the Marine life with your travel money. The weakness of the Australian dollar against the pound means that you can experience one of the modern wonders of the world at great value.


Australian Hotspots: East Coast


As you work your way down the coast there are various stop off points you can make where you can enjoy what Australia has to offer for a cheap price. Two of the most popular regions of Australia that traveller’s enjoy is the magnificent site of Ayers Rock in the heart of the outback and Fraser Island off the coast which has beautiful rainforests and sand dunes on the uninhabited island. It obviously costs to be supervised by experts when going to these areas, but the experience and sites of each location should not deter you from exploiting the strong exchange rate Britain has over Australia when on your holiday.


Spend your Australian Dollars on a True Aussie Experience

Throughout the country is an amazing variety of culinary expertise on offer for all travellers at a great price. Barbeques are a favourite in Australia with both meat and fish often being cooked with this method, but the location of such meals is experienced along beaches, hotels and restaurants. Apart from the wonderful variety of food are the sports that the Australians play, which range from professional rugby matches to surfing along the beaches.


But That's Not All...

The Australian dollar is not all that we offer. As the foreign exchange experts, we also have a wide range of other currencies, enabling you to visit further flung parts of the world. Here's a selection: